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FRP fan maintenance precautions

Fiberglass fan is widely used in various types of factories, buildings and other industrial buildings exhaust and exhaust, especially for hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, theaters, conference rooms and other places need more quiet, chassis and hood with streamline Shaped design, the outer surface of the use of gel coat resin film, so that the smooth appearance of the fan, uniform color, beautiful and generous. So in the maintenance of FRP fan to pay attention to what?

The installation and maintenance of the fan is as follows:
1, the basis of the installation of the fan to be higher than the roof, the surface requirements of the formation, to prevent leakage of water leakage, and to be embedded in the anchor bolts.
2, between the base of the fan and the foundation of a layer of 5mm rubber plate to reduce the vibration, anchor bolts should be equipped with spring washers to prevent the use of loose.
3, debugging operation should be checked before the fan parts, turn the impeller should be no sluggish and card, rub phenomenon.
4, try to run the beginning of the first motor to check the direction of rotation of the impeller is correct (down to see the wheel should be anti-clockwise rotation).
5, test run or normal use should be no exception, voltage, current, vibration, noise should be within the normal range.
6, in operation, the following circumstances should immediately stop, identify the reasons, to be queued before the failure to start.
7, when the damper for the electric damper, the fan is opened when the first open the door; close, turn off the fan and then turn off the damper.
8, start running 72 hours and every six months should check the fan connection, fasteners have loose, adjust the transmission belt elastic, add lubricating oil (fat).
9, in case of winter snow, frozen date, must always start to prevent the snow plug the fan outlet.
10, long-term shutdown should be re-checked by commissioning method after the normal operation.

FRP fan should be installed before the check the fan parts, connectors are damaged, loose and so on, if there is a timely replacement or correction, in particular, should pay attention to whether the impeller is damaged and polished, leaf and hairdryer between the gap is uniform, The direction of rotation of the impeller is correct. Fiberglass fan in the use of the process should always pay attention to the operation is normal, should be timely maintenance, use a period of time should be cleaned, dust, and the oil filling oil lubrication. Installation of the foundation surface shall be flat and shall be 100-200 mm above the roof to prevent seepage and leakage. And should be buried in the connection bolts. Check the fastening nut to ensure fastening and prevent loosening. In case of winter snowy freezing period, you must always start the FRP fan, to prevent the snow block the glass steel fan exports.

If the fan's anti-condensation performance is poor, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference between the larger, easy to condensation on the hairdryer, resulting in dripping phenomenon, and even affect the normal production. So the fan must have a reliable rain, anti-snow and windbreak of the basic performance, but many fans in the design only consider the rain function, ignoring the snow and sand will not only from the upper into the fan, the outdoor wind speed to a certain Strength of the situation, it may also enter the fan from the lower part.

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